Different Sexual Problems

Sexual health is a vital part of life. It doesn’t matter about the age or sexual orientation. It is most important part of the foundation of a couple as well as the contribution to the quality of life. Now sexual problems are common which impacts directly to the sexual health. Sexual Problems such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PE), Night Emission (NE), Liquidity of Semen, Loss of Libido or sex desire are most common with man. Loss of sex desire, Painful Intercourse, Orgasm disorder is most common with woman. Mainly people hesitate to discuss such problems with their partners or doctors. But this should not be kept hidden. The sexual problems can be cured well in Ayurveda. The problems can be cured successfully with Ayurvedic medicines. In ancient time, the only way to cure disease was Ayurveda.

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Nocturnal Emission is a common problem where person experiences ejaculation of semen during sleep by erotic dreams. It is also called "Night Emission" or "Night Discharge". It is happens during teen age or early adult stage. A man needs to ejaculate from time to time even when he is sexually inactive. A body can hold maximum amount of semen and when the maximum amount of semen reached, it needs to get rid of it. It's the natural way of releasing sexual tension. Excess Nocturnal Emission can cause serious harm to the body such as... 1- Sexual, physical, mental weakness, knees pain, dizziness, insomnia. 2- Memory problem, Vision/ Eye sight problem. 3- Decreasing sperm count in semen. 4- Inability to produce children. 5- Inability for sexual performance.



Loss of Libido (Sex Drive) is mostly common for both Men and Women of any stage.This problem is normal for many people, especially women, who loses their interest for sex as they get older. This is because the sex hormones and age-related health problem. But an unexpected loss of libido can be upsetting to both partners in a relationship. The main causes which are responsible for losing libido are... Relationship Problems, Stress or Exhaustion, Depression, Drinking Alcohol, Certain Medicines.


Erectile Dysfunction(ED), also call as Impotence, is the inability to get and maintain sufficient erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse. It is common in older age in men. It's estimated that half of all men between age of 40-70 are suffering from ED to some extent. The causes of ED are because of diseases, medications, injuries and psychological problems. Here are some of the common causes given... Circulatory Problem, Personae's Disease, Cancer, Surgery, Spinal Cord or Pelvic Injury, Hormonal Disorder, Depression, Alcoholism, Smoking, Performance Anxiety, Psychological Problems, Sexual Aversion, Drugs.



Premature Ejaculation is the ejaculation which occurs too early or with in very short time. This is also called rapid ejaculation. In this problem the male partner ejaculates quickly before or after penetration before the female partner reaches the end. It is also called Quick Discharge. It is a common sexual dysfunction. It can reduce enjoyment of sex and makes couple unhappy and frustrated during sex. In Serious cases this can lead to ruin the marriage because it spoils the sexual lives of both partners. It's most common that seventy percent males experience Premature Ejaculation at some points in their life. The main causes of Premature Ejaculation are psychological factors and others are:- Expecting failure, Weak PC Muscle, Stress Depression, Very sensitive penile skin, Excessive Masturbation, Feeling of guilt, embarrassment or frustration.


Low sperm count in case of male is known as Oligospermia or Male fertility Issue. Normal sperm count is 20 million/milliliter to 120 million/milliliter. If a person having sperm count less than 20 million/milliliter is suffering in Oligospermia. Like this if the sperm count is zero it is called as Azoospermia. The sperm count can be known by the sperm fertility testing. Here is the detail estimation of low sperm count in male when ejaculates.
Mild Oligospermia :- 10 million to 20 million sperm/milliliter
Moderate Oligospermia :- 5 million to 10 million sperm/milliliter
Severe Oligospermia :- 0 million to 5 million sperm/milliliter
Azoospermia :- 0 million sperm



Semen Analysis helps a man to know his sperm and semen. It is done to find out the cause for infertility. This is an initial step to investigate whether the couple is unable to conceive a child. Semen is the thick yellow-white thing which a male ejaculates containing sperms. Sperm are the male sex cells which fertilize the female egg. That also contains the genetic information which a male will pass in to his child. WHO standards have established these normal values:- Volume greater than or equal to 2.0 mL. Sperm count greater than or equal to 20 million per mL. Motility value is greater than or equal to 50% with forward progression, or greater than or equal to 25% with rapid progression within 60 minutes of ejaculation. Morphology greater than or equal to 30% with normal forms. White blood cells count less than 1 million per mL.


Male reproductive system anatomy is complex. The organs that constitute the male reproductive system are testis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle, prostrate glands, epididymis and penis. Infections on Male Reproductive Organs:- 1- Prostatitis (Infection of Prostrate gland). 2- Epididymitis (Infection of Epididymis). 3- Balanitis (Infection on head of Penis). 4- Chancroid Development (Due to Bacterial Infection of Penis). 5-Mump results in Orchitis (Swelling of testis). Signs and Symptoms:- Pain, tenderness and swelling testis, discharge of fluid from penis like milky, thick, greenish or yellowish discharge and burning urination. Itching in genitals may be due to fungal infections like tinea cutis and candidiasis. Herpes may lead to tingling, burning, and itching and formation of water filled small blisters on the genitals.



Female sexuality is now openly discussed and portrayed on television, in magazines and on the internet. Most important, females themselves are becoming aware of their sexuality and sexual health. Sexuality for both man and woman encompasses of physical activities as well as psychological experience. These activities fulfill physical and emotional needs for closeness and intimacy. Sexuality doesn't just include your sexual practice. It also includes your feelings about your partner and your relationship definitely affects your sexual satisfaction. Women's interest in sex and responses peak in the late 30s and early 40s, a woman can have satisfying sexual experience throughout her life. The quality of her experience is affected by individual differences, by life situation, by age and hormonal levels, and by overall health and well-being.A sexual problem is that interferes with a woman's sexual satisfaction. This happens which is referred to a health professional as female sexual dysfunction. According to a groundbreaking article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 1999, sexual problems are common in women and men, but especially in women. In a survey of men and women aged 18-59 years, about 43% of women and 31% of men reported some sexual problem.


Basically people think that a long size penis plays a vital role to give more satisfaction to a woman during intercourse. The factors which can satisfy a woman during intercourse are:- Minimum 3 inch long penis, Rock solid Hardness, Longevity and most important is Technique. Penis growth occurs naturally up to the age of 25 years. Penis Enlargement can be possible by surgery but it is not safe as many specialists support this. In some cases penis enlargement is possible by medicines in perfect condition and age. If a man overcomes such conditions or age it is difficult to say that "Penis Enlargement is Possible". We are requesting don't "Go under the Sword" by believing fraud commitments on "Penis Enlargement" & lose your normal length of penis erection. Because the shape and size of Penis is God's most precious gift. Nobody can challenge to change the shape and size of penis by using Pills, oil massage, instruments.