Who are We ?

We are located in Bhubaneswar, Capital city of Odisha, started our treatment on sexual diseases basically on male on February 2002. Our treatment based on Ayurvedic Medicines which taking the herbs, shrubs and Bhasmas (Calxes / ashes) as primary compositions for the medicines.

Pushpa Clinic (P) Ltd has been started at Phulbani, a backward district of Odisha, India. After a long and rigorous research on Herbs, Shrubs and Bhasmas (Calxes/ Ashes), the specialists found the most effective products for the sexual diseases. The specialists team started working the herbal ingredients to prepare ayurvedic medicines in tablet and powder form which would work efficiently against the diseases. It was found that the medicine worked much better on patients who suffered from sexual disability problems. With a short span of time the growing demand of patients flow towards him, he has decided to shift his organization to the capital city of Odisha. Because of his assured quality and cost effective treatment, he has created a new revolution in the field of sexual treatments.

This new revolution attracted many dedicated Ayurvedic Qualified doctors towards the organization. The specialist team of ayurvedic doctors made their research deep and has invented new effective compositions to provide the best treatment. The research has not stopped there, it has been continuing till date and another success came to him to fight against Alcohols. Now Pushpa Clinic Pvt. Ltd is providing the treatment to save humans’ life from Alcohols.

Our Services

We provide consultation and treatment for sexual diseases as well as hair regrowth seven days in a week. Patients can consult directly between 9 am to 8pm every day.

We are also available online from 9 am to 8 pm every day. Experienced doctors are with us to talk over phone with the patients to make them understand about their sexual problems.

Our services include the followings…

1- Assured quality and cost effective treatment. 2- Confidentiality of patient. 3- Customized treatment depending on nature of work & duty timings of patient. 4- One Time registration fee. 5- Free of cost pathological investigation for our patient. 6- Preventive suggestions.

Our Treatment

Sexual diseases or sexual problems are most common in men. When a man is not able to act normally during intercourse and not satisfy the partner, he is having the sexual problems. Basically the common sexual diseases are:-

Early Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, Loss of Libido, Nocturnal Emission, Oligospermia, Infection on genital organ.

Those who are suffering from these kinds of problems are not able to satisfy the partner during sexual intercourse. So sometimes it may lead the relationship towards complication and unfaithful.

After long research and with the help of talented doctors, Pushpa Clinic started its treatments against sexual diseases and achieved a huge success across the globe. Taking the herbs, shrubs and Bhasmas as primary ingredients, Pushpa Clinic Pvt. Ltd has invented many compositions. And the invented compositions applied to the patients it worked like miracle.

We, at Pushpa Clinic Pvt. Ltd do the treatment in purely ayurvedic which is effective but there is no side effect. It directly helps to cure the diseases. It helps the patients to get natural sexual power.