Addiction of alcohol is becoming a major problem across the globe; especially the youth are getting trapped into alcohol addiction. There are many reasons behind it. Some are addicted to avoid stress when some others are addicted for fun. There are many kinds of sign and symptoms of alcoholism. Quantity of taking alcohol is gradually increased which starts affecting both mentally and physically.

Many Problems are created by taking alcohols such as …

  • It gradually damages liver as well as blood cells.
  • It creates memory loss, sexual disorder.
  • It creates problems like Gastritis, Stomach Ulcer, Asthma, Hypertension, Heart attack, Jaundice, Cancer, Kidney failure, many kind of skin diseases and many more.
  • It also creates other problems in daily life like family disturbance, financial crisis, and social problems.

Our medicine against alcohol

We prepare anti alcoholic medicine which helps the addicted person to give up alcoholic addiction easily. We suggest each and every family person not to inform addicted person about the medicine which will be really helpful to give up alcoholic addiction as soon as possible. Our anti alcohol medicine is completely Ayurvedic (Herbal) medicine which is having zero side effect.